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Rapid Refresh Frequently Asked Questions

Last modified on Thursday, 16-Feb-2017 22:28:10 UTC

Q: What different versions of the Rapid Refresh are currently running as of fall 2012?

Q: Is the NCEP-provided "RUC40" data going away with the RAP implementation replacing the RUC?
A: No, since the 40km look-alike grids will still be provided by the RAP on the same grid points as in the RUC40 (40km-resolution) fields.

Q: What horizontal resolution is the RAP using?
A: 13km, just like the RUC, but, of course, over a much wider geographic area (all of North America), about 3x larger than the RUC.

Q: What model does the RAP use?
A: A RAP-configuration of the WRF model, with

Q: What is the history of the operational RUC?